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Do you ever see someone so attractive, it makes you want to cry out in agony?

lol so u eat ass?

hahahaha this just made my day.

From the wikipedia picture I posted?



In the heat of the moment there’s no telling what I’ll get myself into (no pun intended). I’m not opposed to it. I don’t do it a lot. I’m very particular with it. Anytime I have done it, though, it was wanted.

Like I said, I’m not tossing out the salads of every lady that bats her eyes at me. However, I aim to please, so if its there and I’m with it and she’s with it too, then hey….

I really don’t have a problem with body hair on women. 

"Well, its not there for you to have a problem with it or not have a problem with it, LUCAS!"

Yes, I get that. I’m just giving my input.

"Nobody asked for your input, you hetero pig!"


Let me just finish.

Anyway, yeah, I don’t have a any issue or problem or objection to body hair on women. In fact, most often, I find it quite endearing. What’s crazy is most of the people that are baffled by my stance on this are females. They’re like, “Um, but what about leg hair?? What if she has more hair under her arms than you??” 

And I kinda look up at the ceiling, smile a bit and shrug my shoulders,

Then they go, “Oh, that’s so disgusting though!”

There’s this mindset that hairiness = dirtiness and that’s just completely false. Nobody cries out in horror when they see hair in a man’s arm pit (I mean, unless dude looks like he has a Yorkshire Terrier tucked up under there). We’re all the same creatures and our bodies all work pretty much the same way. If a person maintains good hygiene, why is it an issue?

I just think its cool that people are living life the way they want to, regardless of what people say they should or shouldn’t do. 

Idk, man. If you’re really into a girl, shit like that should not matter.

You don’t shave? No problem.

You wax? That’s cool.

You have a lightning bolt on your crotch? I can dig it.

Just have some respect for a confident person that does their own thing. 

I love sacrilege and blasphemy. I love abominations and filth. I love the things that make your grandmother cry and make your daughter wet.

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Don’t be no fool now, girl, don’t go!


Satanism and Witchcraft1965


Satanism and Witchcraft

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Here’s this, one of my favorite songs ever -

Armageddon Time


Erwin Blumenfeld(1897–1969)


Erwin Blumenfeld